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How do I return an item I received as a gift?

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You can return an item you received as a gift to a Cats Luv Us Deals store using a gift receipt or packing slip, and you’ll receive a refund in the form of a Cats Luv Us Deals GiftCard.

If a merchandise return card was used to pay for any portion of the sales transaction, you’ll receive that portion of the refund as a merchandise return card. In store returns using a gift receipt can’t be processed the same day the gift was purchased; you’ll need to wait until the next day to return the gift. If you don’t have the gift receipt or packing slip for the item, you may receive a merchandise return card in store.

Items purchased from Cats Luv Us can also be returned by mail using the gift receipt or packing slip. To return your gift by mail, call Cats Luv Us Guest Services

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